We exploded it like Dynamite

You may not think it but copying from a just dance tutorial is harder then it looks.
Yesterday the whole school performed in a performing arts concert. But we weren’t just going to show up and do some dance nope, we are more PROFESSIONAL.
Our dance actually took a lot of work. The first thing we did was pick a song…
For a couple of weeks we couldn’t decide on a song because the girls wanted one song and the boys wanted another. In the end we decided to do a mash up of thunderstruck and lean on. We practiced that for a week but the moves weren’t really working, so the next week Mrs Coot, our performing arts teacher, asked us if we wanted to do a song called Dynamite. We all agreed to do Dynamite and we started practicing the next week.
We learnt our dance by copying a just dance tutorial. After a couple of weeks we decided as a class to have a trick circle. The first trick was Sophie and Charlize did a back bend walked and then kicked back onto their feel while Fintan did the worm in the middle. Sophie, Charlize and Mikaylah did the scorpion next Jarrod tricks with his soccer ball and finally… I DID A TRICK!
With my friends Amy, Madi and Amelia I did a Irish dance called the four hand reel.
Before the concert I felt nervous but when I got up on stage all my nerves went away.

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