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Living with ceribal palsy

The year fours of NGPS are all reading a book called Out Of My Mind, about an unfortunate 10-year-old girl called Melody, who has spent her whole life in a pink wheel chair (there is nothing cute about a pink wheel chair).

We have been researching Melody’s disability cerebral palsy and have found out that You can’t catch cerebal palsy. This disability affects how your brain sends messages to your body making it difficult to move and that spastic is the most common type of cerebral Palsy.
Cerebral palsy can not get worse over time.

After learning about the unfortunate disease cerebral palsy I bet you feel sorry for people that have it, things that you do easily would be very difficult of even impossible, like walking, imagine not being able to do something that you do so easily now, like walking or speaking and and brushing your teeth Getting ready in the moarning would be a nightmare, just imagine dressing yourself. Having cerebal palsy would not just affect you physically but it would also affect you socially. Gust imagine not being able to show your personality, or even make friends. Life would be so hard if you had cerebal palsy.