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The fabulous , Fantastical, fox

On Tuesday 5th of May year 4B started reading fantastic Mr Fox by Roahl Dahl

“The owners of these three farms had done well”.
I infer that the owners of the farms had been very successful and very rich.

Fantastic mr fox. chapter one
“I can smell those goons a mile a way”.
I infer that farmers Boggis, farmer Bunts and farmer Bean were very smelly.

An inference I can make about farmer Boggis, Bunts and Bean.
Farmer Boggis was the fattest farmer on his farm he had thousands of chickens, I think that Boggis will be the most annoying.
Inferences i can make on farmer bunts
Bunts was a kind of pot-bellied tiny little thing, I think he will be the most angry farmer.
An inference I can make on farmer bean
Bean was as thin as a pencil because he never ate any food at all instead he drank strong sider, I think he will be the cleverest of them all.

Why I think mr fox was always especially carful when coming out of his hole
I think he was always carful because he was on the look out for predictors.

“I shall be tail-less for the rest of my life.” He looked very glum. What does the word glum mean?
I think the word glum means the same thing as sad.