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This week I’ve noticed that I’m wasn’t very good at my 8 and 12 times tables.

I’m accurate but not very fast. Over the last two weeks me and my class all practiced maths, reading and writing. I found coming up with a good storyline in twelve minutes.

Over the next week I can do some things to help me with my timetables, I can use the websites timetables me and hit the button. I can practice at home, and look at my times tables poster.

My learning goals

At school we need goal because: it is a good way to improve my learning why: because it is
Good to be an independent worker.

My Reading Goal
My long term reading goal is to read with more expression, I will do this by: reading out loud more often. my short term goal will be to reread misunderstood paragraphs.

My Maths Goal
My maths long term goal is to become faster at my times tables. I will do this by practicing my times tables. My short term goal is to be more accurate with my 4 times tables.

My Learning behaviour goal
My learning behaviour goal is to work without being distracted, I will concentrate harder.