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New Goals, Ahhhhh!!!!


My Learning Goals Term Three
This term I have made some more learning goal that will help me be a life long learner.
Y.C.D.I Goal
My you can do it long term goal is to be more organised my short term goal is to become faster and not get distracted while getting my things.

Writing Goal
My long term writing goal is to use capital letters at the start of a sentence or a name or place my. Short term goal will be to edit my writing and fix the capitals.

Maths Goal
My long term maths goal is to become faster and more accurate when doing my times tables. My short term goal will be to practice using times table me and times table games, I will also look out for things that will help me practice at home.

Blog Goal
My long term blog goal is to make sure I can criticise myself. My short term goal is to check all my Post so I can make them the best they can be.

Reading Goal
My long term reading goal is to record what is making the characters in my book feel the way they feel a and what there feeling is.