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Secret star lab incursion

As I walked into a black dome, it was quite big, (big enough to fit class 4B in it) it was black inside until I noticed a polar bear protected on one wall. It was lunching itself towards us all, we screamed and just as the huge polar bear was about to full on top of us… it disappeared!

We had come to the star lab to learn about seasons, (a couple more things came flying at us then, at the last minute disappeared.)
Inside the dome there was a man named Nick he walked over to a laptop and a picture of the earth came up he told us how we get leap years, star signs and about seasons.

When a leap year happens it happens because every year when the earth rotates around the sun we come back 4/1 of a day behind so after 4 years the earth is a full day behind, so we add 1 day To our calendar every 4 years.

Did you know, a really long time ago and the earth was called the ancient earth? And in the time of the ancient earth, the earth was hit by a planet, about the size of Mars.

Did you know? Compared to the biggest star in the universe the earth is microscopic!