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What have I been doing all week!?!

How would you convince someone of your opinion? Well in class I’ve been learning about persuasive writing.

In class we have been learning about a type of writing called persuasive. It is when you use powerful language to try and persuade someone of your opinion.

Do I know everything… Yes, of course I do! No, I actually don’t. Here is something new I’ve learned. I’ve learned about powerful language, like discussed or disappointed.

The goal I’m setting is to make sure I don’t make my sentences to long or boring.

Flying On Water

Over the long weekend me and my family went to the beach to pick up my grandma. Grandma had bin on a cruse for two weeks. My dad said  “it might take a while for grandma to just get off the boat because about two thousand other people are on the cruse”.

so when we where there I went over to the water  and looked to the other side of the wood I was standing on and saw a sign that said GO FLYBOARDING. I saw One man hopping into the special boots and then he lifted into the air.